1994: a game called Little Big Adventure: Twinsen's adventures gets released by the Adeline Software International.

1997: a sequel of Little Big Adventure gets released. Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odissey is born.
After some time, the Adeline Software International decides to make another sequel of Little Big Adventure, called Little Big Adventure 3: Genesis of the Stellar Entity.

During the LBA3 development, a series of events leads the Adeline Software to fail.

An LBA community called the MBN is born.

10-01-2005: A member of the MBN, called Ricochet, suggests to make a strategy based LBA fan-game.

End of 2005: LBA3 is presented to several publishers. New hopes for LBA3 to get released.

2006: StreGGy decides to restart the project, to support LBA3.

The game name changes to Little Big Wars (LBW).

The LBWTeam is done: StreGGy will take care of the Storyline and the coding of the game, together with OBrasilo, while Ricochet will make the musics. There's only need of another person in the Team; someone  able to make the game effects. One of StreGGy's friends, LoneSad, decides to help the LBWTeam making the game effects. The LBWTeam is finally completely made.

The LBW Development finally starts again!