This is the game's starter, it has only 3 options, the other options will be displayed only during the game.


Here's another exemple of how the game will be like. As you can see many things have changed, like the picture in the lower part of the screen. Many images have been editer or added. The square that contains the text will be shown only in cinematics. The blue squares will be changed with isometric images of the characters.
This is not a real screenshot: it's just an exemple of how the game will be like. Some of the texts have been remade since this image.

As you can see, on the left you will see a picture of the unit you have selected, his Life Points, and all the other attributes. On the right you will see the enemy unit you have selected. In the lower part of the screen will be displayed the dialogs between the characters. There will be an HUD that will be used to give orders to the units you selected there when there are no dialogs to be displayed.